Whitening Tips to Flaunt a Million Dollar Smile

When was the last time you noticed a beaming model with her wide grin on a commercial? Not so long ago, right. Flaunting those pearly whites is on everyone’s mind. But not everybody is gifted with perfectly radiant teeth. Best whitening toothpastes and electric toothbrushes come to the rescue of shiny teeth aspiring people.

Electric Toothbrushes

An electric toothbrush has a lot of positives over its manual counterpart. But the proper usage can make or break your previous teeth.Let your hand grip be gentle and hold it at an optimum angle to the gums. Be mild while brushing back and forth as the powerful vibrations may cause damage to the teeth.

Whitening Toothpastes

Coffee and tea are the major culprits in discolouring your teeth. Using whitening toothpastes is the best bet to get rid of surface stains. It effectively cleans the oral region in a blink of an eye. Along with a dazzling smile, it guarantees rejuvenating fresh breath.

The dream of possessing a thousand watt smile is just a few steps way. Here are some tried and tested whitening methods which are sure to work their magic on you.

Baking Soda

The humble baking soda sitting on your kitchen counter is a working wonder. It is known to effectively remove plaque embedded on the enamel. Many celebrities endorse the benefit of baking soda in creating their magnificent smile.

Oil Pulling

Coconut oil can be called the jack of all trades for its multitude of healthy uses. Adding a feather to its cap is it being a natural teeth whitener. It is totally natural and hence is the safest antimicrobial. Dentists swear by this conventional method to achieve polished teeth.

Activated Charcoal

It is scientifically proven that activated charcoal in getting rid of stubborn stains on the teeth. Activated charcoal is a finely powdered form of carbon which makes it highly absorbent. This wonder drug has replaced traditional teeth whitening treatments.

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